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Welcome to the ParadigmGrind Site Map.

ParadigmGrind is a place to discuss paradigm, practice and principles. Largely focused on occultism, pantheism, Thelema, Satanism, Omnism and revolutionary ideas, ParadigmGrind combines and conflicts different ideas to evolve new ways of thinking.

Find topics below…

Q&A with JackandDiet85 (aka Master Turtle) – We discuss chaos magick, artwork and demonic sigils.

Occult & Esoteric
Leaving One’s Tradition Better Than They Found It – Originally Published in Five of Swords Magazine, Issue #1, this article discusses magical traditions and what it takes to navigate these in your grind.
The Magician vs. Yaldabaoth in the Social Media Age – Originally published in Five of Swords Magazine, Issue #3, this article discusses two occult archetypes and how they respond to social media.
Luciferian-Masonry According to Ben Kadosh – Niche occultist Ben Kadosh mixes the elements of Gnostic Luciferianism with Freemasonry to develop a very unique, personal occultism.
Conspiracy Theories: A Failed Endeavor – Conspiratorial thought is rampant among weirdos, but have they actual solved anything? Or are they simply tools to distract from real action?

The Kabbalistic Rose (Rose Cross) – Hermetic correspondences within the Kabbalistic Rose and Tree of Life.

Liber AL vel Legis (The Book of the Law) Analysis – My most popular post. A line by line analysis of Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law.
On “True Evil” – What is evil? And how does it differ (or correspond) to the idea of innocence? Combines elements of Thelema and The Omen.

Belial the Satanic Archetype – The demon Belial has no worth because he has no master. What does this archetype mean for Satanists?
Cain the Plant-Based Satanist? – Blood sacrifice is anti-Satanic.
Litany to Satan by Baudelaire – An example of Romantic Satanism.
Musings on Modern Satanism – Satanism is a constantly evolving New Religious Movement (NRM). What does the tension between the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple (TST) mean for the Satanic timeline and ongoing development?
Why Satanists Aren’t Anti-God(s) – The concept of God(s) in the Satanist worldview.
Why Satan? Satanism 101 – My answer to the perennial question, “Why Satan?”.
Satanism 101: Q&A Sessions – A quickie guide to common questions people have about Satanism.
Satanism: An American-Made Religion – Satanism is quintessentially American; prizing individualism, hard work, self-expression and religious liberty.
Ego-Theism & Prayer – What does “prayer” have to do with Satanism anyway? Everything, just so long as it’s self-centered.
The Satanic Trapezoid: Theory and Practice Pt.1 – More theory than practice, here’s a quick introduction to the Satanic Trapezoid and its magical capabilities.
The VVitch (2015): Musings on the Father-Christ Figure – A film analysis focused on Black Phillip (the liberator) and William (the Christ-figure who has nothing to offer).
Musings on Anton LaVey’s Satanic Magic — This post seeks to combat the criticism that LaVeyan Satanism is overtly magical or superstitious.

Baphomet Invocation – My personal invocation to Baphomet, Lord of All.
Egyptian Hedonism Rite – A classic rite of pleasure.
Satanic Hedonism Rite – A mildly update rite of pleasure for Satanists.
The Qabalistic Invocation of Solomon the King – A classic rite invoking the Cabalistic powers.
The Headless Rite – Practicing this 2-3 times daily is core to esoteric practice.
Invocation of Tahuti (Thoth) – Hail the Lord of Speech and the Lord of Silence.
Forget the Love Spells, You Need Confidence Magic – If you want to attract someone, confidence magic is better than a love spell.
Prayer to Apollo: 2020 Spring Solstice and COVID-19 – Invoking the power of Apollo, the god who defeats pandemics.
A Luciferian Invocation – All hail Lucifer.

Stay magical, stay practical, and grind your paradigm.