Mission Statement

In the early 1960s, a physicist, historian and philosopher of science named Thomas Kuhn introduced the world to the concept of “paradigm shift” (although he did not coin the term). This was a time of great scientific discovery in numerous fields of study — yet Kuhn deflated the enthusiasm of the academic world by introducing the idea that, perhaps, we as a species weren’t breaking new ground, but rather shifting the way in which we understand and classify information.

For example, Newtonian physics presented a new way of understanding attraction (gravity) at a distance that provided breathtaking simplicity in comparison to past models. However, Copernican physics was still quite useful for tracking planetary movements with a greater accuracy than newer models. In this instance, scientists are faced with a conundrum — should you adopt a newer model because it is new? Does that really determine truth? Should you prize simplicity over accuracy? Or does accuracy fall to the wayside if a newer model presents greater breadth?

But this brings up an even more pressing question — what is truth? And how do we know it when we see it?

This paradox plagues all fields of study including science, psychology, religion, philosophy, politics and even the occult. Are we really confronting truth when we study the mysteries of the universe? Are we really peering into the mind of God when we meditate on the writings of a mystery religion?

Or are we sophomoric in studying our own studies? Are we neglecting truth by only accepting information that fits into our existing paradigm? Perhaps we are learning nothing as a species, foolishly navel gazing instead of seeking new information. Or more crassly, are we circle jerking our own ideas.

This is the ultimate question Paradigm Grind aspires to answer (although we admittedly never will). This blog is will pick apart religious, political, scientific and esoteric dogmas through a variety of paradigms, in hopes of at least making you think about the beliefs you hold.

We hope you will enjoy read this project as much as we enjoy writing it.

Best regards,
Paradigm Grind

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrindParadigm

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